Creative Direction

I work with companies that have branding needs in the earliest stages of production. From scripting, to branding strategy, I make sure that the services I'm creating are not only unique but fit the specific brand.  In these early stages we go over the project needs so I can produce content with a team that fits the job.

When it comes to telling your story, I have over 8 years of business experience. I love learning about new companies and effectively positioning your value proposition to potential customers or investors. 


I love production. I know that good production isn't just planning and foresight, it a perfect blend of preparation and being able to creatively problem solve when new things arise. It's the creative challenges that get me excited. Through my experience I've realized that it's always about telling the best story for your client and I try and keep the focus always centered on that.

I work as a director and cinematographer who brings a blend of grit, problem solving, pure passion and positivity.  Certain projects require me to hire out a cinematographer as well as my typical lean crew. Whatever the project is, I can create something that shows your product in the best light. 

Some types of videos I typically produce and direct are product lifestyle videos, documentary and interview short form videos, process videos, and travel/destination videos.


Editing isn't an afterthought for me. It's an integral part of my thought process from the beginning. So when I get down to edit, I already know where I'm going. I have experience in the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite and I have amazing talented people working to help design sound, graphics and color.  


What kinds of videos do you make?

It varies. From startup "who we are" videos explaining their product to bigger commercials with brands that want to launch a series of videos on a new brand element. 

What kind of clients do you prefer?

I've worked with large companies in the retail space, local nonprofits, creative tech companies and filmmakers and my favorite clients have been risk takers whose passion for their product translates into trust in their collaborators to help it shine. 

If I work with you, does that mean that this video will be similar to a video you've done before?

Probably not. I have certain styles of storytelling that I tend towards but each company is different and we both want a video that reflects the company and brings me into a new challenge. 

How much does it cost?

While I really want to tell you that a video or photography project will cost x,y,z on the spot, it usually isn't that simple. The point is that every client has different needs and different budgets will be appropriate for telling each story. However, I'm reasonable and I try to find the best ground that works for both parties without compromising the project specs.

More questions?

Please reach out to me on the contact page of this website or via email at

If you're here from Instagram, hello!

My most common question on there is: Do you have advice on Getting Started? 

Go out and just start! Honestly, one of my biggest hurdles to start creating film and photography was that I was afraid to start in the first place. You would be amazed at how much you can learn by just picking up a camera and getting some friends together. I have always been someone who has wanted to take photos and tell stories, but I didn't have a lot of knowledge growing up in how to do it. I would say one of the best things I did, along with creating and learning by doing, was shadowing people and getting mentorship. There's always so much to learn and it can be helpful to have someone guide you along the way. 

For gear, my first camera that I saved up for was a Canon T3i and I would recommend that to anyone who is looking to get into media. I also started learning editing on iMovie as a way to get introduced and I would recommend that to anyone looking to start. It's really easy to use and helps you build a framework of how to learn how to edit films easily. I then moved onto Final Cut Pro which was a nice transition and now I use Adobe Premiere Pro. Premiere has been the best software so far that I have used but it helped to start with other software to learn along the way.